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Solar Design Service:


S.E. Design Services provides a PV design service with ready to permit plans to relieve you of the stress and time inefficiencies of dealing with the 15,000 plus Authority Having jurisdictions (AHJs). Every Solar system is design to comply with city codes and NEC regulations.  We also provide any corrections and updates of the submitted solar panel plans, if needed.


We take pride in our work and respect our clients’ project confidentiality. Ensure permit approval with professional design, fast service, and cost effective by professional experts!


  • Detailed Plans designed specifically for your solar installation
  • Use the plans to guide you or your contractor in the installation
  • Complete package ready to submit to the city for permit approval
  • Every Solar system is design to comply with city codes and NEC regulations

Solar Permitting Includes:

  • Site Plan
  • Single Line Drawing or Three Line Diagram
  • Ampacity & Voltage calculations
  • Solar breaker sizing 
  • Module data sheet
  • Inverter data sheet 
  • Full Submittal Package

 *Does not include structural engineering or electrical engineering stamps*


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